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I can't get into maintenance mode .

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I feel like an idiot but I know I am not.  I have a domain with Doteasy and  have installed AbanteCart cart with softaculous.  I can see the demo page ok, but I can not figure out how to edit the page and select Paypal for a payment method.  I could probably figure the maintenance mode, but I can't find it. I have spent 2 days pulling my hair out, and every time I go to a different module it wants my login name and password , and then it says it is wrong.    AYYYYYYYY!
It is so hard to keep track of all those different passwords, for different pages, Lastpass for a couple of years.
I could use some advice.  It drives me crazy when the instructions say how simple it is, and yet I can't do it.  Aso even when I get the cart working properly, how do I link it to my main pages?
Michael b

Honestly, I do not understand your question/issue. How maintenance mode is related to payment page?
If standard settings for payment do not cover what you need, and you still need to edit payment selection page, you need to know PHP. The controller is in here: public_html/storefront/controller/pages/checkout/payment.php

There are no different passwords for different pages. You only need to deal with admin u/p and one test customer account. Again, I might not be clear with what you try to do.

i am in maintenance mode,
but i only see the maintenance page even when logged in as admin and pressing the link to the storefront from dashboard

eCommerce Core:
I wonder what version do you use. For me on 1.2.9, maintenance mode works correctly, if I click the link to SF from admin (top right corner)

i am using ver. 1.2.9 as well

i have it working now, i just toggled it off and on, cleared cookies each time and now it is functioning properly

thanks for the reply!

edit to add:
well it worked once and only once,
now it is back to just displaying the maintenance page

tried clearing cookies, internal abantecart cache, different browsers to no avail

but since it did work once, there must be a fix, but i can't find it


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