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I can't get into maintenance mode .

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still not working,
makes it frustrating toggling back and forth between maintenance and regular for every little change i want to view

It is same for me too since the beginning. I thought maybe that's the way it is designed to work.

If maintenance mode is on and I click on the arrow in admin panel in top-right corner to go to the StoreFront, the main page loads normally, but when I click on any product or any other page , I get the maintenance mode message and I can;t go anywhere else.

I thought it is designed that way, that we can only see the homepage and nothing else even when logged in as admin.

hey rey,
i checked the documentation and it is supposed to allow the admin to see the site and visitors to see the maintenance page

at least i am not alone in this

i wonder what would cause this anomaly?

I wonder if any of you guys clears cookies or session. This mode is working because of cookie and session.

I can perfectly navigate anything in the storefront in the maintenance mode clicking of admin. Even act on behalf of customer works in the maintenance mode for me.

Yes, I have to clear cookies and sessions each time.
It works for a few times and then back to the maintenance notice even when logged in as admin.
I gave up after a while and turn maintenance on and off each time I need to see some change. It has become a habit now, I ain't even mad.  ::)


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