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How to use a test site?

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Check this guide

Ok, I will re-explain my question...

I have a test site, and a live site.

The test site is used to test upgrades and new plugins, right? Then when they are tested and working on the test site, how do I put them in the live site?

Do I uninstall the live site to clone the test site on it, or do I simply have to transfer some files?

I read the "how to change domain", I get it, but if I edit my test site 2-3 times in a month, do I have to do that all over every time?

in my above post -  I provided links to the Softaculous docs.   Here is the complete list link - I recommend you read the docs for details on how to use Softaculous to manage your testing site.

Here is a quick instruction -   
When you cloned your working site -  you made an exact duplicate, including your database with a different url.  eg.,  cloned to These are two complete and independent installations -  what you change and test for in /test will NOT affect  /store.

My recommendation   -  is once you have gotten your changes tested in /test and then you should make a backup (in Softaculous) for /store so you can roll back quickly if things go wrong.

Then depending on your changes to be made in your /store site (the same ones you made in test)  you may want to place your /store into maintenance mode so no new orders etc are taking place while you are updating your /store.

Since you tested in /test and believe your changes will work,  doing the same thing in /store should work the same.   If your /store did not update the way you hoped  -  then immediately restore to the backup you made just prior to your upgrade.

I am assuming your /store is operational and having ongoing orders etc.   If this is not the case,  and you are in startup development and your /test changes are what you want -  AFTER making the backup of /store,   then you could clone your /test  back to /store -  this will give you /store with all the changes you made in test .  THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE if /store has not received any customer orders etc while you were working in /test.  If your /store is active and you clone /test then all customer activity (orders, etc) will be lost.


Thank you very much, this is exactly what I wanted to know!


--- Quote from: bppe on January 10, 2017, 03:20:50 PM ---Thank you very much for all that! I'll try this on right now... ;)

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do you have CPanel with Softaculous?  If yes,  I will provide you some helpful/easy ways to accomplish your test site


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