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How to use a test site?

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Aaaaarrrhhh.... It DID work... until I upgraded my test site ( to 1.2.9... now I've got the same warning I had on my 406 + index.php .... It was supposed to be ok...

Positive point of that: It did NOT crash my live site... XD

ask you host to improve mod_security for test site too


--- Quote from: llegrand on January 10, 2017, 03:07:07 PM ---

this is a good guide in the details of cloning your site

please read it with care -  but it will allow you to make an exact copy of your exisitng site - including keeping your login creds the same.

The easiest way I have found it to clone your site to a subfolder -  eg if you have your working site   in   then have it cloned to  or what ever name you want.   If your workinng site in in root,  you can still do it the same way,  but you may have to manually add the /test  to your htacess.  file.

Once you have this cloned you,  work in that -   running an update,  adjust some feature to see how it might affect something -  in other words  you treat this as a sandbox to test any new function and see if the results are desireable,  but you do not affect your working site.   This becomes quite important after you publicly launch your site. 

Additionally  -  softaculous is a good way to make a complete backup of your working installation with database.   I recommend you to do this prior to making any changes.   If anything goes wrong ,  the restore feature from the backup is very easy and fast.

If you did not use Softaculous for your original installation -  you will need to import your working site into the Softaculous dashboard in order to clone, etc.

--- End quote ---

Hi there, me again... :)

Now that all my 406 ans mod_security problems are finally over, I'm trying to use the test site.

I cloned the original site into a test site, then upgraded it to 1.2.9... No problem there.

I made backups of everything, and imported all from the "import/export" section too.

Now HOW do I use that? I tried to take the files from my test site to my original site (ex: the products table, import the test file into the live site) and it did not work...

Am I using it wrong? Am I supposed to be able to transfer files from one an other or do I have to do it in the test site, test it, and then do the same in the live site?

Setting up test sites was covered in the forum before. 

Anyways, the best ways to create a test site is to clone (copy) code and database entirely and replace couple of configurations.

1. You copy code to new server/location entirely.
(here to can use scripts for automatic sync if needed later) 
Exclude copy of the system/cache folder content.

2. Export database (with mysqldump or other tools) and import to new database on server/location

3. Edit settings.
- Update system/config.php for new database and other setting if needed
- Update settings table in the database to have new store_url (ssl if needed)

That is all.


Thank you for your answer, but it is not entirely what I was meaning...

I meant more HOW to import the database in the new website?

My test site is updated and the backups are done, from there, what do I do to put it on my live website?

I built my test site after my live one, do I have to delete the live one first to be able to clone the test on it?


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