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I cant restore my admin password

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Hi, i want to restore my password from, but wen i send the request, then you send me an email that says:

"Restablecimiento ....

link es valido por un dia
si no enviar solicitud ignorar mail"

But th links doesnt exist on the email, can you help me?


Is this for storefront user or admin?

Does your server send emails?

Hi, this is for administrator, and my server send and receive mails, and its working fine. Thanks

I can suggest a simple hack to get your temporary password to be displayed instead of email 

Edit following file

Locate line 54:

--- Code: ---   $this->redirect($this->html->getSecureURL('index/forgot_password','&mail=sent'));
--- End code ---
Change to :

--- Code: ---   $password = 'YOUR_NEW_PASS';
  $this->model_user_user->editUser($this->user_data['user_id'], array('password' => $password));
--- End code ---

Run reset password in admin and new password will be saved.

Attention!! Do not forget to change code back, right away

Thanks.  I don't get into the actual code, but perhaps this should be reported as a bug to be fixed in an upcoming version.


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