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hey,  welcome to a great cart  and don't give up too quickly -  the doc for version 1.2 will catch up.  As an Abantecart user for over a year now let me address a couple of your needs:

1.  the donate - it is a block on your template page,  just go to design  > layouts   and find the donate block on the page - usually at the bottom,  click on the field and select another block or NONE.  SAVE the page.   Now you will probably have to do that for each PAGE that shows in the left column.   But it's a simple thing to do.

2.  This is not a point you brought up,  but one I see new users struggle with and that is changing what the text is  - like on buttons,  or in screens,  etc.  AbanteCart uses xml  and they are found in the System > Localization > Language Definitions,  There is you place a portion of your "offending" text in the search box under Translation -  it will bring up all the places that appears - then you can select the one you want and change the text.  Just be sure you are on Storefront for things your customers see,  and Admin for things you see.  But it is quite a nice feature! IMO.

have fun learning a great cart!


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