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step by step guide to see the pictures in product's windows


Hey all  and thanks to the AbanteCart team to let us work with their amazing cart for free.

Can anyone please give a step by step guide to see the pictures in product's windows, they are fine on the text windows though not resized, that's no problem.
But I've been googling quite a bit and still not able to see the pictures.

Thanks and best regards,

Eric Grimaldi


Can you please explain problem? Did you upload images to product in admin? 

Good morning and thank you for supporting.

I did it through -->System-->Data-->Import then I went to -->Catalog-->Media Manager..
And now they are in -->Resource Library -->Images

I've no problem uploading the pictures in the text windows of products and categories,
they appear OK, but for the product's windows, they don't load.

I fiddled around, tried for quite a few hours,

Hi, sorry what is "product's windows"? Can you post screenshot with problem or site url? (type dot where is . in your url)


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