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How to fix App Error / Resize image error

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At my Website home page product images are not displayed. The message is seen in my message box   that

App Error
Message status:
04/14/2017 05:48:18 PM
Number of repetitions:
Resize image error. File: /home/conne71s/public_html/resources/image/18/7f/e.jpg in /home/conne71s/public_html/core/engine/resources.php on line 345

how can i fix this problemm

eCommerce Core:
Most likely PHP memory limit is reached in image resizing operation on your server

Check this file size /home/conne71s/public_html/resources/image/18/7f/e.jpg

Try to increase PHP memory  or reduce this image file size
In php.ini file increase memory_limit setting.


I have the same problem for some of the images see here

App Error: AbanteCart core v.1.2.10 Resize image error. File: /home/XXXXX/public_html/resources/image/18/79/f.jpg in /home/XXXXX/public_html/core/engine/resources.php on line 353

i checked the file resources/image/18/79/f.jpg it is working also i increased the memory limit in the php.ini but did not solve the problem

see the page here

thanks in advance

This is a bug in the template because if i change the template all images will upload and show correctly. i mean the original template that is associated with abantecart

how can i fix the problem???

Hi. Check what page you visit to replicate error in log. Than check what you have on this page. I mean what product or category image, or brand image may cause error. Try to disable some blocks on that page layout to catch where is it


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