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How to display product images representing each main category on the home page

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Hi, could anyone tell me if there's a way of displaying product images representing each main category on the main body of the home page, that each link straight through to the associated main category. I'm testing the latest version of Abantecart with the default theme.



I've found this extension - Category Wall by Natani 
Would this be a good option? Or what may other options be?

Thank you

If you have few categories you can create manually HTML block and put it to Home Page layout

Thanks Basara, I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

I can try this over the weekend, there are currently 12 categories, and I dont expect them to increase much at least for now. My concern with this option, though interested to explore it anyway (thanks), is the person that regularly manages the site has '0' technical knowledge, so the optimum solution would be an automated one.

I'm aware that you may not have tried the 'Category Wall' extension I mentioned. Although theres no comments/reviews, for that product, perhaps as its a fairly new extension. Based on my requirements I detailed, could you tell me if you think this would be a suitable option looking at that product specification and are there any other options that would be more automated and very simple to manage once set up.


'Category Wall' is 3rd party extension, contact developer and ask for demo to try.


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