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Which table has products for block


I am looking into Database and trying to find out which table contains the product_id to be displayed in block
Example: Featured block has 7 products so which table have this information???.. products_featured has them but I have created custom listing block and looking for their DB

I am trying to find products only if its in any block.. is there a query which I can run to find only those products who are in any of the block..
I have so many blocks so it is confusing to maintain inventory and lots of duplicate

For listing blocks just look into table block_descriptions for custom block contents.
If block is generic try to find controller for it, such as block/featured.php (also you can use template debug setting (system->settings->system) to define it)

Thanks abolabo,
But I have many products that are not assigned in any block and are still ON(old products). Is there any easier way(query) I can run to find list of products whose status is ON and are in any block. So that I can look at them individually and turn them OFF.

The template debug setting (system->settings->system) can be used to define the controller to utilize if the block is generic, like block/featured.php.

Not necessary to have product_id in blocks, just copy from database and paste it over your backend.


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