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Minimum total price order by Category


I see in the doc there is a minimum product order, I did not see any Minimum total price order by Category.
I use that in my other shopping cart because I don't carry any stock and I have different companies that I deal with and some of them have a minimum total order, so if someone want 2 items from on category and maybe 1 from another and since this is one order I can not even use a minimum grand total order and since one categories doesn't meet the minimum that the company I buy from I would lose loose money. And since I sell to individual and the different products I sell most people only buy one from either category so the minimum product wouldn't do me much good.
I was just checking to see if I missed it some where.

Unfortunately, we do not have something what you describe. We have minimal for the product qtty.

Is this a good idea to limit order amount? I wounder how popular this feature is and important to be part of the core

This can be achieved with creating extension.

you said: Is this a good idea to limit order amount?

I found it is a very good idea , when you have category that are set up by company products, when you have several companies and you have no inventory on hand and everything is drop shipped, and if some on orders from different category it is the same as ordering from different companies and upon check out if that category is below the minimum the person would have to order more from that category or company before they could check out it works great in this case.

Thank you
Have a great day
Since it does not have this, I will not be able to use the software, but it does look like a great software.

You can set up "Low Order Fee" in extensions order total. This way you can charge extra fee if order amount is low. This might help

We will consider setting up min/max limits for orders.


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