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How to stop the 'Quick Start Wizard'


Hi - I have just loaded AbanteCart and I am working through the setup but each time I login to the admin panel the Quick Start Wizard pops up. Is there a way to stop this?

Also, I keep receiving the 'Thank you for installation of AbanteCart!'! Can I stop this from happening?


eCommerce Core:
Quick Start Wizard should go away after your complete it or after you login to admin second time.

Below is the condition:

--- Code: ---if( !$this->user->getLastLogin() && $this->session->data['quick_start_step'] != 'finished') {

--- End code ---

'Thank you for installation of AbanteCart!' is a simple message, just delete it.

Hello, simpledesigncom.

Solution is to replace one file,5557.msg24564.html#msg24564


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