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Hi, please have a look at my AC ...


Would appreciate feedback on my site:

We are currently doing SEO work, looking for bugs, adding finishing touches. 

Top priorities:
1 - Make sure any variation of url redirects to : starting with http or not, or https or not, or www or not. 
2 - Security holes?
3 - Does the site work?
4 - Responsive works?

1 - My goal was a super-simple-site. 
2 - AC is massively feature rich.  The biggest job in creating a super-simple-site was stripping away features.
3 - Outcome: all free shipping, no shipping selector, no subtotals displayed (wherever possible), only uses re-named guest checkout, no tax, no search, no language, no currency, no membership, no registration, no login, no coupons, no specials, no featured items, no newsletter. 
4 - The homepage is a Category listing block.
5 - The navbar is a menu_bottom.tpl structure placed into header_bottom.  It is a small menu with responsive buttons, therefore collapse is never needed. 

Future goals:
1 - PayPal Express currently commences on Cart page, and concludes on g_s-2, requiring two more redundant steps to complete the order.  I want to change PayPal Success to Validate and redirect straight to g-s-3 page, eliminating g_s-2. 

2 - In conjunction with preceding item, I want to relocate Order Comments box from g_s-2 to g_s_3, and remove the PP Express Payment Choice from g_s-2.

3 - I want to add a PayPal Express button at the top of g_s_1.

4 - PP Express customers will land on g_s_3 to enter Comments and/or Confirm order.

5 - Only credit card customers will see g_s_2 and Payment Selection.  Remove PP Express option from Payment Selection.

6 - Add Amazon Pay option next to PP Express Buttons.

7 - Add Powered by AbanteCart links on checkout pages.

Ultimate Streamlining:
All functions of g-s-2 and g_s_3 are combined into new g_s_3.  Then g_s_2 is eliminated forever. 
The system identifies Express payers, validates, redirects them to new g_s_3 without confusing Payment Selection displayed on new g_s_3, only Comments and Confirm.
The system identifies Credit Card payers, directs them to new g_s_3 with Payment Selection displayed, + Comments and Confirm. 

Anyway, glad this is mostly done.  It's been an adventure.  Thanks to AC devs. 

eCommerce Core:
I think your site is right on.
I only see that your logo image is blurry


You're right, I need to fix that.  I appreciate the suggestion! 

1 - Make sure any variation of url redirects to : starting with http or not, or https or not, or www or not. 
>>> Always redirecting to same entry point. This is all good. 
2 - Security holes?
>>> This depends on your server configuration and user/directory permissions.
Make sure you have latest version of AbanteCart.
3 - Does the site work?
>>> Sofar
4 - Responsive works?
>>>Responsive site works.

Hey thanks! 

I built the site using the latest version, and I set permissions as described in docs and this forum, so should be good to go. 

I appreciate the feedback. 

I feel like I probably stretched the boundaries of what a non-coder can accomplish with your CMS. 

It is a capable platform. 

I am buried with SEO and other work, but will continue to fine-tune my site and finish the punch-list in the coming weeks. 

I will try to contribute here to help others when I can, based on what I have learned. 


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