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Worldpay extension NOT working

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The payemnt extension WORLDPAY does not work. If anybody in the community can assist in correcting this error would be appreciated. Looks like the extension module does not direct you to the correct website for secure payments.
Going to worldpay's website also show NO option for Abantecart as being compatible.


What error you see?
What is your AbanteCart version?
Do you have an account with worldpay?

I think this is trolling post.

I've successfully made the Worldpay extension work in Abantecart 1.2.9.  I had to make a few changes to the code, and compose some new templates (and some dummy files) but it is now working.

featurespoon, can you please share what you have done? Should we consider this changes in the core?
Feel free to create a pull request in github with your changes.


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