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AbanteCart 1.2.11 is ready for community review



v 1.2.11 is ready for community testing.
Please help us with final round of review and testing. We have 1-2 weeks to review before official release. 

To get source to install:

To try upgrade from 1.2.10 use attached archive

Report issues here:

Thank you for contributing into testing AbanteCart. Even a small help is very appreciated.

A new version always is exciting.

Could you please keep this thread up to date for the changes that are made to the 1.2.11 code -  so those of us that test can be using the most current of files.

It is not always easy to follow along on github for new coding  or to know when your testing site has been updated.

thanks for considering this.


eCommerce Core:
Here are release notes.

We might be missing something, so it might be updated.

Thanks ecommerce.

One little thing  the word "dysplay"  is used several times.   This is a misspelling for English  -  it should be "display".

 :)   Lee

eCommerce Core:
Not any more :) Thank you Lee


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