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Hi team.

I don't know if here is the right place to post my advice for you ..... So, I will be quick:

1. First I would wish to inform me that I need PHP 5.3 before upgrade to 1.1.3 version. :-\
2. For SEO optimization is not a good idea to change the images name. If I'm going to upload an image with the name word1_word2_word3.jpg or word1-word2-word3.jpg this is going in the end to be like word1word2word3.jpg‑100187‑120x120.jpg. And that is not on Google taste, because word1word2word3 make no sense.
3. On the blocks with "featured" or "best seller": If is set to view only 4 items per page, there is no matter if I have 4 or 15 or 100 featured products. The system will show only the first 4 all the time. A randomization or mix display will be useful.

anyway you are doing a great job. Keep it so!

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider your comments in futures upodates

What makes you think we require PHP 5.3?
AbanteCart is still on PHP 5.2 min requirement

My server was on PHP Version 5.2.17 and when I upgraded AbanteCart Cart to 1.1.3 it comes into an error on core/helper/utils.php on line 302.
This error happen when I was trying to edit or add new products.
As I found after, the syntax "DateTime" is available only in 5.3 and later.

So... Server updated to PHP 5.3 and now everything is going fine.

This is not for 5.3 but for 5.2. Possibly you just did not have this library enabled or installed.

See manual

You are right. It is possible.

Just not to open another topic... I don't know if is my configuration fault or is a bug in code, but:

1. In 1.1.3 I can't use the default_flat_rate_shipping extension anymore. Simply don't show up in the cart as shipping option.
2. In 1.1.3 - the weight of the products are not calculated and don't appear on product page and is not calculated as weight for shipping.
3. Also in 1.1.2 - There is some problems regarding order history. If I change the status of an order from admin/sales/orders or if I choose to edit an order in admin sale/order/history&order_id, the status of the order on the storefront will be changed in the status of order in account/history but will remain unchanged in details of the order in account/invoice&order_id. The only way to make the status order to be updated in storefront account/invoice&order_id is to modify the status of an order from admin panel in sale/order/history&order_id= at tab status&comments but I need to check "Notify Customer".


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