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--- Quote from: UnQ on January 25, 2013, 04:11:34 PM ---To those who will encounter the issues on points 4. 5. 6. and 7. as listed above:
Thanks to abolado the issues are gone.
You must to disable varnish accelerator in your cpanel (or ask provider to do) in order to solve these.

Still remain up the points 1. 2. and 3.

Anyway, thanks a lot.

--- End quote ---

1. please look into default_flat_rate edit page in menu "extensions". Read about Auto Select. Is it?
2. products have enabled switcher-checkbox "required shipping" on it's edit page?
3. it's not a bug. Customer see only what is set to notify to them

Hi. Thanks for your work.

1. No. Isn't checked. And in the 1.1.2. was working fine. I'm using the default_flat_rate among with other shipping option, but these are showing up except default_flat_rate. I was thinking that is from translate process. Because some definition can't be edited using the editor it is possible to be affected in the database. The problem is that I don't remember if I've done some change, by mistake, in the code too :(. I will check again.
2. Yes. Also was working in the 1.1.2. And here I don't have any clue about what problem can be...
3. If is not a bug, why in the index.php?rt=account/history the customer are seeing a status and in the index.php?rt=account/invoice&order_id another?

Hello, good afternoon everyone!

Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I live in Brazil.

I liked very Abantecart even more.
It was a long time that I did not see a platform so well structured, congratulations!
Work in Brazil with development of virtual stores, have used various platforms, I won't be talking about them, otherwise the text will stay too long.
Lately I've been using OpenCart for development of stores, by reason of being simple, have many modules available, and fair price of the modules.
I would use the AbanteCart platform for sure, but at the moment does not have enough modules to use here in Brazil.
For example, payment modules, shipping modules, module "notify me when available", "shipping Estimate module on the product page", and so on.
Despite being similar to OpenCart, and I have seen comments that the AbanteCart is a copy of OpenCart, I found the AbanteCart far superior, much more well prepared, and without any doubt is a unique design, very well done!
I'll leave a tip for you that I think it would be good for all users of OpenCart that will appreciate the AbanteCart, but cannot change the platform because of the lack of modules.
You could create a tool, a module, that caused the OpenCart modules are compatible with the AbanteCart, at least for now, to have several modules for the AbanteCart.
OpenCart modules developers could sell its modules on the site of you as well, so you would gain a Commission for the sale of the modules, the same is done on the site of OpenCart.
It would be nice for developers of modules, for you and especially for new users of AbanteCart.

Here is my tip to you registered.
I'm sending the link of one of the stores that I did for you have an idea of the amount of modules that typically need to use in a store.

Once you see, congratulations AbanteCart!
I wish for you a lot of success!

Best regards
Antonio Fragueiro

Thank you for your nice comment.  ;)

Your store looks pretty good. We will consider your tips in new default storefront  that we are working on


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