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Streamline checkout process


IMO - there are too many clicks and too many pages in the checkout sequence. 

Amazon's concept of "One Click Checkout" is now an old concept.  They made it for a reason.  Customers want to be done. 

This is what my customers see:
Cart - GS1 - GS2 - GS3 - Success.   
Cart - paypal - GS2 - GS3 - Success. 

GS2 is redundant.  Move Comments to GS3.  Payment selection has already been made, it does not need to be made again.  Eliminate GS2. 

I'm not saying that AC needs 1-click checkout, but I think it can be faster and cleaner. 

I think it would be easy to eliminate GS2. 

Thank you for suggestion  :)

Ye, single page checkout is a great idea.


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