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Hi, I've posted the following message in the "AbanteCart Community » eCommerce construction » How-to questions »"  Forum, and moderator Basara asked that I post it here. So in addition to the single issue/wish list item presented in the message to come, I would like to add the following features to the wish list as well:

1 - Booking & Reservations for 1 on 1 Consultations and Events like classes (with calendar selection and date & time conversions for time zones)

2 - Being able to include an external link as a download link when customer buys a downloadable product. That way huge files can be hosted elsewhere where downloads can occur.
Having the choice to use an external link as a method of the "Downloadable" file choices would give a greater range of freedom offering Downloads (right now there are files, archives, images, PDF)

3- When adding a new product allow the choice of making the Product thumbnail in the catalog page link directed to an external page. This would be ideal in the interim since AbanteCart does not have a scheduler, Booking or Reservations system. My client currently uses a web app schedules bookings and to be able to have the AbanteCart Product thumbnail in the catolog link to the external website's calendar/booking system via a new tab would be excellent temporary fix.
(an example of how this works can be seen in Shopify's backend when creating a new product page you can choose a variety of options on how the product thumbnail will handle the display, one option is that it will link externally)

 I am a small and growing Wed Developer Freelancer who would like to use AbanteCart as my eCommerce of choice for customers, but need a little more functionality to meet various needs.

Thanks for reading and next is the Original message that I've left on the other forum:


Hi all,

I'm relatively new to AbanteCart - 2 days new to be exact. I own a small web development company and basically found AbanteCart after fighting with Magento 2 and the after math of adding a template and extension. I'm glad to find a solution that will be easier for my clients to use and hopefully won't blow up on them like Magento did.  Now down to business: 

I have a collection of downloadable items in a series.  example:  Series Alpha has 4 different items that are displayed as Options on a Product entry that has $0.00 as it's base Price so that each option can hold it's own price. I have entered each option under that base entry with a price and an image (all as Checkbox Group).  However, I want to know is there any way that I can also match or attach individual electronic downloads to each option so that when the option or options are chosen and purchased in the cart, the download links to only the options chosen will be delivered?

attached are 2 images to illustrate my point.

I wasn't able to find any forum entries describing issue and I haven't found any extension that does that either. If I may at the least, would like to add it as a WISH LIST ITEM for future upgrades.


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