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I'd like two modifications to the notifications that I get through Abantecart. I have looked in the marketplace but did not find any extensions which accomplish these goals.

1) When a customer places an order, I would like the notification that comes to include a listing of the items in the order, and the name and address of the buyer. As of now, it only tells me an order has been placed, and I must log into the admin panel to see what was ordered and by whom. Autogenerating an invoice and attaching it to the email would satisfy what I want. When necessary the seller could enter the Admin panel and revise the invoice, but that should be somewhat rare.

2) When a customer or potential customer sends a message through Abantecart, I get a notification that a message has been left - but again I have to log in to the Admin panel in order to see the message. I would like the notification that I get to include the message, and the name and email address of the person who left the message, and probably a date/time stamp.

It seems to me that a routine that would insert this content into the notifications shouldn't be all that difficult to add.

On another topic, color controls without designing a whole new template would be welcome.

This are very reasonable requirements.

Thank you

Hello, barry819

I think you misunderstand emails and notifications. Notifications or IM (instant messages) was designed to send a short notification to mobile phone and/or email about store activity.
If you want to get all details for example abot order placed you need to go Admin > System > Settings > Mail and enable Alert Mail setting.

For the contact us enquiry. You shoud receive email with enquiry in any case. We just add a Duplicate Contact Enquiries to Messages setting to help administrator receive enquiry in case mail server glitch.

If for some reason you dont receive email with enquiry check your spam folder or your server's mail configuration. Just after enquiry check server error/ Abantecart error logs


I do have Alert mail on.

However, all that's contained in the alert is what I described at the beginning above: notification that an order has been placed, or that someone has sent a message through the cart. I still have to log in to my admin panel in order to see what was ordered, or to read the message.

There is no additional email in my spam folder.

I do not see any "Duplicate Contact Enquiries to Messages" setting on my system>settings>mail control page. (Image attached) Is that something to paste in to the Mail Parameters box?

I don't think I misunderstand what notifications is doing now. I'm saying I want it to do something else. It could be done as an optional messaging choice. If a customer sends me a message through the store, I want to receive that as an email I can respond to, not have to log into the control panel, read the message, copy the email address and then go out to my email program to write a response. That's four extra steps that accomplish nothing of value to me. Just forward the message to my email so I can respond.

Hi, barry819.

Let me explain how things works. AbanteCart like almost any other web software use your server to send e-mails. So if you do not receive Alert email or Contact enquiry this mean something wrong with mail feature on your server or your recepient mail block it (yahoo like to do this  ;))

This is not related to IM instant messages notification feature. No matter IM on or off you should receive mails.

Try to ask your hosting support to help you make mail feature on your server work or you can override it if you choose SMTP and use your own SMTP mail server. https://abantecart.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/7372837/Mail+Settings#MailSettings-MailProtocol:SMTP


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