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Improved notifications desired

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Forgot to mention.
AbanteCart is open source and you able to change it like you want. To send full details with IM or whatever.
I suggest to post this in Development Help Needed section


I think you misunderstand what I am requesting. I do get email notifications when a customer places an order, or sends a message - but those emails don't contain information on what was ordered, nor do they contain the actual message, just a notification that I have a message. I'd like the option (at least) to include that information in the notification. The system is already capturing that information, there's not a particularly good reason to not attach it to the notification.

Basically, what should be a one or two-step process is a three or four step process, for no particularly obvious reason.


I just wanted to say thanks for making the modification so that I'm now emailed with order details when a new order is placed. That's a valuable feature that will streamline my fulfillment process, and it's very much appreciated.

Barry Short


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