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AbanteCart cart not shown by google


Hello everyone,

I have a website called which has AbanteCart cart installed, AbanteCart cart has excellent features for both customers and admin panel, but the only problem is that google is not showing even one single page of my website it has been more than 6 months since i have installed AbanteCart cart.
What are the errors I should correct so that google shows something, I am aware of the few errors like absence of ssl, lack of backlinks etc,

 but my point is that google should atleast list my website pages if not rank them

Any help would be greatful

I doubt this issue is related to AbanteCart itself.

Check if you have robots.txt that disallow search engines.

Did you connect your site to google webmasters? It will give you details of the errors.

Thanks for the reply but robots.txt file is ok and allows the search engines and also I have connected to google webmasters
these are the 3 errors shown on the search console dashboard in the past 6 months:

8 Server error
4 Soft 404
1 Not found

which I feel are not enough to not even list a single page of my website

Please if  could do a thorough checkup about why google is not listing even a single page and resolve my problem, i'll be very grateful

thanks in advance


I dont think your question is AbanteCart related but let me post few thoughts

To appear in google search results your content should be unique. I mean at least product descriptions.
Also if your domain or server/ip in some spam/black lists google may remove you from results.

thanks for the reply......

how should i go about the things now... how and where should i check if domain or server ip is blacklisted????....

whom should I contact??????.......

any suggestions will be greatful


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