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Neowize does not work correctly



Neowize extension is not collecting data correctly, the sales is not counted so that it does not unlock in the products section. Possibly that other features of Neowize also are not correct if the data is not collected.

I have abantecart 1.2.12 and also the same previously version 1.2.11

How can i fix this problem??


Thank you for report. I just check it in my 1.2.12 and NeoWize collect both regular customer and guests checkout. Make sure you have it enabled in Extensions > All Extensions.
Also do you have any ad block addons in your browser?
What is the payment method in orders with not collected checkout?


Thank you for your reply.

The Neowize extension is enabled.

I do not have any ad block in my browser.

And regarding payment method i use only 2checkout.

Thanks in advance for your help


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