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Hi, Is there any way to mass delete products as I have done an import, which it said failed.... When looking in my products page, there are now 3000 products there! Many duplicated so I don't know what has gone wrong!!  I know that I can select the Page and delete the items, but the maximum I can delete like this is 60, so it will take me forever!!

Many thanks in advance

Go to Admin > Catalog > Product select all and click Delete Selected in bottom right  ;)

Thanks I did have to do this but with 3000 products and only being able to delete 60 at a time, it was very tedious.  I didn't know if there was a table I could delete from?

Many thanks for your help


Export it to CSV format and add new column with name action type delete in cells for each product

If you have some PHP skills, you can create a quick admin controller to delete products by calling this model function deleteProduct($product_id):


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