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Hi everyone! Sending a hello from New York... :)  I just need a bit of help with the template...I'm trying to change the color in the side blocks (the orange) to be the same color blue as the top thin bar going across? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it...I also would like to add an image background...I read the post on how but can't understand where to add a background  image url...I love this shopping cart by the way...great job! Out of all the ones I tried this one looks to be the best one out there. :-)  Thanks.


Hello from New Jersey :)

To change header colors on the blocks, you need to replace 3 images. See images attached
You can copy them to directory /storefront/view/default/image/

If you need to edit CSS it is in here:

To add background image, you can edit:
Look for:

--- Code: ---body {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;
    color: #000000;
    font: 11px Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

--- End code ---

Wow, you're so close...:-)  Ok...I got the color...thank you so much for sending me the images...but now for the background, I can't seem to find where it is in the file..I've been going crazy Sorry, I'm not very good at this...but can you tell me where that part is in the file? Like is it top, middle or end of the file? Also, how do I add the image url...where it says the color #fffff ?? And is there some coding I need to put around the url? I would like it to go behind everything but not show under the text...if that makes sense... Again, sorry for sounding  Thanks so much again for your help...I really do appreciate it lots! And I'm very happy with this shopping cart...:-) I'm hoping to donate soon!


you can use firefox with addon firebug. It shows styles of element and file where it written. 

Got it! Thanks! I was able to change the color and it looks great...:-) That add on really helps..
Thanks again for your help. Have a great day. :-)



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