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Just throwing an idea here...

I did open a topic here:

--- Code: ---http://forum.abantecart.com/index.php?topic=6277.0

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and after a discussion I had with llegrand

it became obvious that abantecart does lack that option...

So it would be great if you guys could come up with such an option (if possible of course) if we could bundle the products to the specific suppliers and to be able to send/ship them accordingly; which also would allow for more accurate shipping. (see attached pic)

Just as an idea.

PS: I did contact the guy of the supplier extension

--- Code: ---https://marketplace.abantecart.com/supplier?v=586

--- End code ---

if he/she intends to upgrade it for the current AbanteCart version but so far nothing... so far my shipping costs cannot be accurately calculated or I will have to "push" the cost to the customer... which would suck  :-[

Can you please clarify. Are you suggesting supplier features or bundle features?

We discussed product bundles before and do consider in the future.

Hi maxter,

first off, what do you mean with bundle features exactly?

Regarding the supplier features (keep in mind that I am expressing my personal opinion here)...

Regarding Abantecart, sure there are things that could be added and to be advanced further... nevertheless, as it is (I have the latest version of Abantecart) it can present an online store that works and does the job very good (so respect to the guys who developed it).

However, while I am about to go online with my store, I came across a shipping-supplier issue that did surprise me in a "negative" way.

Here is why...

Assume that you have two suppliers in 2 different cities (or even countries).
So let us say that both of them sell 2 different products each.
In this case we have:

Supplier 1 (city One/country), Products: A and B

Supplier 2 (city Two/country), Products: C and D

Consequently, if a customer comes to your store and wants to buy all 4 products, from both suppliers, no matter what you do, no matter how you calculate shipping costs (I have already gone through all documentation)... you will never be able to estimate accurate shipping costs...

And that is why I proposed something like the supplier extension, to exist in Abantecarts core/default features (currently one of it exists in the marketplace - I am waiting for the updated version of it).

This extension, basically resolves the entire issue.

In other terms, and always speaking from my point of view, this is a must have shipping feature to be included a future Abantecart version because it allows the store-owner to implement multiple suppliers and to accurately calculate shipping costs etc.

Obviously enough, I do not know how much programming has to go into the entire process ... I just made a suggestion with friendly and constructive intentions.  :)

Thank you for your suggestions.  :D

You are always welcome Basara  ;)


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