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SEO generated should be more SEO friendly

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Generate SEO in admin panel works fine. But in some cases I have duplicate Subcategory for example under mens and womens category I have bottom jeans as sub category so when I created this sub category in mens SEO was bottom-jeans and when I did same thing in women's it was bottom-jeans_87 which is fine as it can not duplicate but instead of that _19 it should be -19 as SEM RUSH catches this link as non-SEO friendly link. I guess this is not big change and this will resolve the issue. Hope you fix it in next upgrade  ;)
If you have already fix this then I am sorry I am still using V 1.2.10
Have a great weekend

Thank you for pointing this out.

I think this _19 is generated in a keyword itself. Can you please check if you have this value in jeans category?

No there is nothing that says _19 in keyword, infact its all letters no numbers. I also had similar issue with other sub-category and it showed _256 and that sub-category also had only letters. I think these numbers are randomly generated and if you can change _ to - that would solve the issue and instead of random numbers use 2 digit random letters like (AB) or (NW).
I am not an expert in this but just a suggestions as number in SEO are not that effective


The number in SEO key exists only if duplicated SEO key detected so AbanteCart add _id to make each same SEO keywords are unique. Note this only for autogenerated keys, type any SEO keyword manually.

Yes I know that this _number is generated for a duplicated SEO but what I am trying to say is sometimes user wont notice it and keep it as it is. The underscore and number in SEO is counted as bad link so instead of generating underscore and number you can generate dash and alphabets only for duplicate SEO links


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