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Just Wanted To Say Thanks!


Over the last few days I have tried and tested around 12-15 different ecommerce platforms and I have decided to go ahead and use AbanteCart for the following 3 reasons:

1) It has a slick and clean theme
2) The Import/Export to and from a CSV file works the best out of all the ones I have tried
3) The backend is simple and easy to use with lots of handy features

The only thing I wish there was more of, was more free themes as even if you had just 6 or so free themes to choose from (maybe even an option to change the themes colours) would attract more users to your excellent shopping cart.


Thank you for your comments and positive feed back. Feel free to pass your positive experience outside and spread good words.  ;)

I've had a couple of queries recently about my store and have received replies very fast - it's nice to see an active and helpful support forum as it shows the product is alive and doing well.


Once again I find myself wanting to say thankyou to AbanteCart - I've just had a message pop up saying there is a new version out.  At first I thought 'great, I'll no doubt have to download a large .zip file, uncompress it and then read through pages and pages of instructions' - but no!  I pressed one button (yes one link) and it did it all for me!



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