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Email issues with GoDaddy Workspace or Office 365

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I do not have an issue at this time, but wanted to share my experience as it took me 30 plus hours in an attempt to solve an email setup issue with GoDaddy on a shared hosting server. SMTP will not work no matter whom the email is with.

The final solution was to make sure the MX record was set to remote. I choose MAIL instead of SMTP and I entered the -f in front of the email address to send.

Example:  (change AT to @- I do not have permission to post links.)

Boom. Problem solved. I can at least get email from the website now as well as customers. I am not taking credit for the answer, only making sure it is posted for others to reference the solution quicker.

Thank you for share  ;)

hi, jbperformance  on MAIL mode how does it take up the gmail password? so emails can be sent to customers or during the time of registration, auto generated emails

Hi, Amu
In mail mode AbanteCart send emails using your server mail function. You have to contact your hosting support to check with what email/password or any used to send emails.



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