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To index images on google image search, is it necessary to create image sitemap? If yes then how to create image sitemap?

Check 3rd party solution for images sitemap

It depends if you have the very high quality of images with the unique keyword targets so you can use image sitemaps. It's up to you. But its definitely be an SEO factor for your website ranking. For small sites, there are lots of free tools for generation image sitemap and for large websites, there are paid generators.I would like to prefer ScreamingFrog (paid) for large websites.

generally, image sitemap is necessary if in case you have large number of images probably for an e-commerce site, else it's not recommended in general case as far as i know.

An image sitemap is a file containing a list of image URLs on a website, designed to help search engines index and understand the images for better visibility in search results.


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