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We have a unique tax situation being based in Canada. Our shop sells products that can be subject to either one or often two taxes combined. Additionally, in the case of an order requiring delivery, the delivery is taxed by itself regardless of the tax as it applies on the product. In the case of shipping our product, taxes apply at whatever the rates in effect at its destination, For example, in Ontario the tax would be 13%, Nova Scotia 15%, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba 5%. Is this all doable with this cart?

Additionally, we need the cart to work with Moneris eSelect payment gateway however it does not appear among those indicated, is this an issue for us?

Yes, you can set tax rates separately for each location zones, i mean location is Canada, zone is Ontario and assist tax class to shipping method (on shipping extension settings page, if extension supports it).
so..You have to create two tax classes. 1st for products, 2nd for shipping and set rates.


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