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I am web developer. I worked with other CMS ( PrestaShop, Opencart) and one thing that I missed in AbanteCart is lack of template engine (Smarty, TWIG) for render HTML pages. Would be nice to have one of theses in AbanteCart 2.0


Hi Andronte,

Additional engines are coming in v2.0. If you are interested, you can participate and help with development of default template in the TWIG or Smarty, or other.

I would like. How could I help?

We have opened a new branch for v2.0. It is in active works.

See, there is a twig render already included in the view for templates.  Similarly other template engines can be added.

We do not have Twig template example yet, but we can work together and set it up.
You can help finishing template.

We still working on default template concept for v2.0 storefront. It will be on Bootstrap 4.0. It needs to be very flexible for all the containers.

Feel free to explore idea.

Thank you Maxter for sharing. Yes we can all work together on new design and later create templates using different engines as examples


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