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Can't upload images via HTML code.

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I am running abantecart locally and while I am trying to map resource via Html for Products it is not getting mapped and all it does is mapping an empty image.

If I am right,the problem is relating to settings.

Any suggestions to overcome this problem?

Thanks in Advance.

After mapping did you see your HTML code in the resource library?


No,Its not getting mapped instead empty image is added with all fields being empty.

First try in another browser. Whats is your server OS system?
What is your AbanteCart version?

I tried in Mozilla Firefox and the result is same(previously I tried with Google chrome).
I am running it locally and my Operating system is Windows 7 Professional.
I am using Apache 2.4.23 Webserver.

The Abantecart Version is 1.2.11.


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