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Would appreciate some feedback on my store

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Hi, please visit and let me know how it works for you and what you think.

I'm already aware of two little display glitches but haven't figured out how to solve them yet. One is with how abantecart aligns my 'related products' and the other one is with the number of content page links I have on my footer.

Thanks a lot

eCommerce Core:
Looks good.

One note: Your site works with both and
Make sure you use only one and set a redirect.


I don't know enough to understand the problem. Would you explain?

Google read and as two different websites. So you need to choose what site you prefer and set store url in your AbanteCart settings, then setup .htaccess file to redirect all non-www traffic to www
Looking good here.

Best of Luck,


btw - this coupon at checkout has made me go online to find a coupon and find better deals at other suppliers - something to consider - if I couldn't find a code I felt cheated out of some deal that others got :)


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