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Abantecart 2 column product thumbnail/image on mobile views

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Test your solution in different screen sizes.


--- Quote from: Basara on July 18, 2018, 02:04:27 AM ---Test your solution in different screen sizes.

--- End quote ---

I'm stuck! Please help if you have solution?

I like same like this one 2 columns on mobile view, owned by full member @Geoffrey

Hi. But you already found solution when change a col.
What solution you ask?

The alignment is not okay.

See the screenshot below, the product image width does not fit on my screen and that's my problem.

If possible to do that to abantecart, I will use it for my online shopping because abantecart is better e-commerce than others. Many users are using android and iOs phone so need to fix 2 columns width for mobile. I'm happier if somebody helps me to do that. For now, I'm not using Android or iOs app. Thank you very much. More power AC Community!

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Neo, Display 5.5 inches 720 x 1280 pixels

You may see the difference.


Sorry, I can't upload more attachments.

iPhone 6 Screenshot. Display 4.7 inches 750 x 1334 pixels


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