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When I login with the "test_api.php" I get the login success response. Then when I go to my shop I see "Welcome back" with my name next to it, but in the pull down under that i'm prompted to login.

When I login directly from the shop everything works fine. Any ideas?

I do not see or understand the problem. API authentication is not related to your normal admin login process.

I'm working on this problem with user bamboo who posted this question. The issue is not with the admin login. The issue he's referring to is logging in as a user to the shop on the website. Are there additional steps we need to take to fully log in a user when they log in on a different page on the site, using the API?

Check this API test to see what is needed:


abantecart, thanks for responding. This is exactly what we're doing. When we login from "test_api.php#L230" we get a successful login message, then when we go to the shop it says welcome back bamboo. But when you check the pull down menu under the name it prompts you to login.


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