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Mass Product Price Update by %


Hello friends,
Can anyone help me?
my supplier has increased my buy price on products by 5%.
i would like to pass this on to my customers.
How can i update ALL product costs by 5% and increase all Product Sell Price by 5%?
Please don't tell me i have to manually update each product one by one :-(
i only have one main supplier so the 5% increase can be across ALL products.
if anyone has had to do this please advise how you did it.


It is easy to do in excel or any spreadsheet editor.
Backup, export your products into CSV format. Change price column in bulk with formula , and import to your store.

Thanks Basara,
i dislike CSV files, to many Columns etc, wish there was an easier way? i guess ill have to wait till 2030 for that.
any way can you help , i got this error when trying to import the updated CSV file. Error 500

Looks like some issue on your server. Maybe permissions.
Do you have any errors in AbanteCart error log?

Good idea for new extension by the way. You can create it and sell on marketplace like others do:


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