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change a color on template


Almost ready to go. You guys have been wonderful about helping me find everything I need, but I do have another question. I would like to change the color of the Blocks "title" bars (currently default is orange in default template). can you tell me where to find this so that I can change it to a color that matches my scheme. Thank you so much.

i prefer to use firebug add-on for firefox to investigate css of any html-elements of page.
install this stuff, then open page and do right-click on some box title, choose "inspect this element by firebug".
Then it will show what css rules and files  applied.

I came across another post which gave some new files to use. Worked wonderful. Thanks again. I just have some tweaking to do and add the rest of my products and I am ready to go. Can't wait to make some money and donate to AbanteCart cart, it truly is a fantastic thing for those like me who do not have start up money.


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