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Shipping Cost
« on: November 04, 2018, 02:55:15 PM »
Hi all,

Can anyone help me with this problem I have with charging shipping costs and options. I have searched through every part of the forum and cannot find the same type of question and answer.

Basically, I need to charge the following. These can be selected by the customer when they decide when they want it delivered:
Tracked delivery 48 = £3.95 + VAT
Tracked delivery 24 = £4.95 + VAT
Next day service = £5.95 + VAT
European service* = £10.00 + VAT
Rest Of The World* = £19.99 +VAT
I just want these to be in a dropdown box for shipping charge. Not based on weight or anything in the basket. They just choose one of the options and that's what gets charged to the basket total as shipping.

Is this possible? All the other carts have this option but I cannot find it on AbanteCart.

It's the only thing stopping me from using it after intense testing of the cart.

Any help is appreciated.


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