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Subscription Based Ordering + Pre-specified dates



I am hopeful someone can help with this concept, and am happy to pay a reasonable amount for this to be created bespoke to our needs, please see the original email I sent to AbanteCart below for an explanation of what we require:

--- Quote ---I am working on a project with a few other people and have come across AbanteCart whilst looking for an eCommerce solution suited to our needs. However whilst I find this to be the best system of the ones I have looked at (includes Magento and OpenCart), I am lacking a couple of critical features for our use case, and wonder if you are willing/able to provide support with making our feature desires a reality.

We are looking to operate a subscription based service where we deliver products to places of work for employees of businesses (if the employer signs up to the scheme), these deliveries would take place on a pre-arranged day of the week and time, which will be agreed with each subscribed business. Hence is why we need to achieve the two features below:

•   The ability for the customer to choose when they receive their boxes, for example – a customer can request the below, which bills them for 3 of the item:
Thursday 15/11/2018   YES
Thursday 22/11/2018   YES
Thursday 29/11/2018   NO
Thursday 06/12/2018   YES

•   The ability to link a customer to a business (this doesn’t need to be anything magical, just a way of saying company = this delivery address), so we know the address the box needs to go to. Perhaps this would be a question asked during the registration process.
  o   We tried using multiple stores but do not think this is an ideal solution for a few reasons, though most notably:
       Our SSL certificate is not a wildcard SSL.
       The overhead of maintaining the products.
       Adding them to the stores and having to continually create/remove CNAME subdomain records based on customer demand.

--- End quote ---


Very keen to have this created, if anyone is interested in taking on the work.

There is a subscriptions extension available



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