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I really love and appreciate this product. I do have one suggestion though:
when adding an option with a price modifier (I sell mugs, they can choose from an 11 oz (10.00) or 15 oz(15.00)). I have set this as an option with the 15 oz having a dollar modifier of $5.00. when I test this, it shows the checkbox options of :

11 oz.
15 oz. 5.00

to me, if I were the customer, this would look as if the 15 oz mug is being sold for  $5.00.

everything works correctly at the cart and checkout and has the correct price, which is great, but I wonder if there is a way to hide the modifier amount from the customer so that it would only show as:

11 oz.
15 oz.

Thanks for everything, you guys are fantastic.

Thank you for this suggestion. This was brought up couple of times and we will look into making it more customer friendly :)


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