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Ideas how to promote the project

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How to promote the project quick and efficiently?
Any ideas are welcome.


For a start, How about getting your Facebook Page, and other Pages to have more content :) posting more info, updates and open conversations & discussions about the project progress and more, within team members :)

Even on this forum :) I can see it catching up for sure... :)

Contact Cpanel Inc / Fantastico (To include AbanteCart cart as a ecommerce script availble for install)

Contact softaculous (to include abantecart )

Both spreads across wast majority of hosting companies :) and their users.

Thank you for advice. We planned to include to Cpanel  and Fantastico as well as hosting after production version is released.


Thats Great, Once production version is released.. Even i would love to use this product for our project :)


Try submitting to a few Review Sites and get people on this forum to review your cart. Also add a  few reviews  on your website.

Also maybe contact a few hosting company and offer them your Shopping Cart ...

Hope this helps :)

Ware House Monkey


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