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Ideas how to promote the project

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You're welcome.  I'm looking forward to seeing Abantecart continue to grow.


I have did some shuffling in the forum based on your suggestions. We will see what happens.


This is a good start. 

Keep in mind, this is not a quick fix traffic intervention, but a strategy to build and maintain traffic by improving site usability.   The better  your categorization is, the easier it will be to locate good data.  The earlier this gets done, the lower the cost of concentrating posts into relevant topics.

So, try to come up with a general topical break down for the feature sets sometime fairly soon (over the next month or two if possible).

One of the best things you can do is already being done.  If your team continues to respond to issues this way your content will always be fresh, which is worth extra points towards page ranking.  It may be worth your while to add support for a last-modified date meta tag in your topic pages.  Whether you do or not, frequent responses will increase the number of interactions Google can see on the page, and that is a key element of their latest indexing algorithm..


Sounds good. Thank you.

nice project mate

its really best ecomm script i ever used :)

You Should post in forums  do better seo atleast 50 link backs you should active in social media

if you want i can manage social media page for abantecart as volunteer work ;)


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