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Ideas how to promote the project

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ouch sorry I have misperception too

seeing google ads on the forum is also bad and crazy if it is prohibitted in the forum policy
and no one will think of it

what I mean is promoting the AbanteCart project via paid ads

yeah it is paid but it will be effective when people search for free ecommerce on Google or Bing

open a developer account on themeforest and add one theme for abantecart and let them add abantecart in their ecommerce category

The best way to promote any business is through Digital Marketing like search Engine Optimization SEO.
Importance of SEO:

SEO results in increased targeted traffic to your website
SEO helps you gain competitive advantage
SEO boosts product sales and online visibility
SEO provides continuous online visibility.
SEO is the cheapest marketing tool even on the net

Don't just directly jump to promotion. Firstly understand who are your target audience. Deeply study the market you are dealing with and then analyze which marketing strategies best suits you. There are numerous promotional tools available in the market. So analyze which tools best suits your business needs and requirements

Can you please describe more about the project, so that I can come up with some solution.


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