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How to update Price when using options



As you can see from the attached image my issue is with the grey bar that sits at the top of the product selection and displays the price dictated by that set in general tab (red arrow). My issue is that this number never changes if a customer chooses an option of the product with a higher (or lower) price, whereas the total cost figure changes according to the option chosen, (black arrow.)

My  questions are threefold:

a - can I remove the grey bar (I can foresee issues with non-optioned products if I do this)
b - can I get it to update to reflect the option chosen
c - is there another solution


If your base price is Zero the "the gray box" will show 0.00
Options price added to base price and appear calculated in the bottom in "Total Price"

Yes you can change but you need to know a little bit php programming language

the easiest and most long term solution is to use it as it was designed  -  A base pricing of say $10and option A  is $2 more,  Option B is $3   or Option C  is less $1.   You can do negatives.
Once the option is selected the total does changes.
You can also look at our extensions in the market place for displaying options in a less confusing manner
What we do for most clients is to enlarge the Total Price just above the add Button
I've add screen shots for more clarity

thanks for the assist

I have installed that extension. Although it doesn't change the price in the grey box it does make it far clearer what they are paying per option.


Is it possible to add the words "BASE PRICE" or similar as a prefix to the price shown so clients see that is the starting price not inclusive of any options etc


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