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Categories showing outside of category box....


First of all, I LOVE this cart!  ;D Nice job! Switched from OSCommerce Max because of issues with it.

This even looks cleaner! Love it!

Ok,. now, I took the blue top bar off the site because I downloaded and changed the colors. When I added them back, in the new color, they still showed blue. Since that is not what I wanted, I totally deleted the bars, for a few hours, then reuploaded the new ones. OK, that is fixed.

What has happened is that since I did that, my category is outside of the category box, at the top of it, instead of inside of it. I cannot seem to fix this.  I would appreciate some help. :o

Also, My Google Checkout is set to be right by Paypal in the bottom layout, but is at the top of the page on the home page, and on the other pages shows up under the footer bar. Is there something I might have done to cause this?  :-\

I find this cart extremely easy to use, but I am in the learning curve. I appreciate any help. ;D

Thank You!

ok. I seem to have found my issues on the categories not displaying correctly. Apparently I didn't cross my eyes and check my t's when I changed colors.  Some of the " ; " were missing. Once I replaced them, those showed up right.  ;)

I still have the issue with Google in the layout though. ???


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