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Good day everyone,

I am using AbanteCart as the platform for an Ecommerce site that sells Ink cartridges. As I'm new to AbanteCart, I wanted to post here to be certain before making any development changes, in hopes that I could lean on the overwhelming experience I've seen on this forum.

What I'm trying to do is add a feature much like a "Category" listing. Only this would be a "Printer" option. Listing the various models of printers and thereby showing the cartridge(s) that would go with those printers, and likewise what printers would be related. So very much so it's another Category section.

The bugger here is I wouldn't mind using the standard Category listing and creating categories for all of these printers, but I don't want them to show up in the same place as the category block. I prefer that there be two separate blocks. Image the Category Block listing say: Inkjet Cartridges, and the Printer block listing: Intellifax 1143(blah). :-)

So I suppose I'm wondering one of two things: (1) Is there a relatively straightforward way to "duplicate" the category files? Or (2) Is there a way to utilize the category feature, but separate categories and choose where they are displayed?

I thank you for any help in advance, and I am looking forward to this voyage with AbanteCart!


I found the Product Features module, and additionally I located some features I was unaware of until now.

Please disregard this post, but thanks for reading! :-)


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