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Relational Database and transactions

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We think this is important to improve data integrity, performance on a larger scale.

Benefit: True relational database, data integrity, performance, benefit of transactions and roll back.

Disadvantage: Not supported by all hosting companies.

Feel free to post more.

I would assume that most major users of this product will likely have a slice or their own collocation and thus completely control over the backend..  I guess it comes down to which market segment you're aiming this product for..

Any issues with hosts not allowing transactions?

It's less about the hosts and more about the databases they support..

If your hosts MySQL has the InnoDB (or BDB) engine then you have transaction support.. if you only have MyISAM as the db backend for your mysql install,  then you don't. 

It looks like right now AbanteCart installs by default as MyISAM which means no transactions.. (or foreign keys)

We have started to create relational and transactional InnoDB database at first, but researched showed that hosting mostly support MyISAM. This would be a problem.

We will watch future direction.


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