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Tip for Newbies like me - Sending email



After sending various text emails to clients via the standard AbanteCart Cart interface, I finally noticed that AbanteCart Cart defaults the 'message body' text area in 'html/text.' The tab colors make it difficult to know what option is selected... and I certainly got it wrong.

This means that no paragraph breaks were ever coded into the mail I send and that my recipients were getting one continuous horrible looking blob of sentences.

When you send emails through AbanteCart Cart's interface, make sure you click on 'Visual' to check the layout of your mail.

Elemental Watson! I know, but again the coloring scheme of AbanteCart Cart makes it difficult to easily recognize what option is selected.

Hope this helps.

I wil give it a try soon.

Okay, well noted. Thank you.  8)

Hi , I’m new at this . Can I send pics or gifs in this e-mail feature ? For Some reason I'm not allowed to add media. Help me out with this, details please

Can I Get details . Any trick ? For some reason, my pics are not showing up into the e-mail frame .


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