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How important to everyone the ability to set different or NO brand on the shopping cart?
How easy should it be?
We want to keep core of the cart unchanged and minimize people need to change the code.

There can be a simple setting in the config file that will make cart completely different brand name with custom name and logo.


I don't think this is a massive concern. Most people that will use the cart will be individuals, so they don't need to rebrand it as such


Yes i think its important to keep the copyright on the pages with coding but it can be removed from the footer and Admin panel why not charge say maybe a Donation or maybe on the hosted solutions that we offer charge an extra £2 a month for none branded or £12 or even a one of fee for hosted solutions. The function is easy enough to do maybe have a VOTE on it.

I hope this helps ...

I'm not sure it is important at all.  I would say it may be important to not display any information on which cart is being used on any pages which do not require the user to be logged in for access....


I'm very interested in being able to White Label the Abantecart shopping cart. Even if I have to pay a reasonable amount for the privilege to do so. I'd consider this one-time-payment, as a token 'thank-you' and a small way to give back to the development effort, which makes Abantecart possible.


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